Prisma-IT Nordic Oy is part of the international Prisma-IT group of companies, which offers extensive IT services to its customers. The company has strong expertise in several areas of the IT sector, such as software development, cloud services, data security and information systems.

In addition, Prisma-IT Nordic Oy offers its customers consulting and project management services, which help ensure success and customer satisfaction in IT projects.

The company’s strong technical skills and expertise guarantee high-quality and tailored IT solutions for customers’ business needs.

Off-the-shelf software

We represent our Dutch client’s OctoPOS (point-of-sales) store software. Do you need a solution for the hotel and catering industry, for example? OctoPOS can be the first system of a restaurant that is just starting out.

CooCoo is our Dutch client’s Digital Experience Platform, in which you can easily manage four basic functions of digital marketing. You can purchase the solutions together or separately.

The solutions contain: E-Commerce, Social Media Management, Landing Pages or NewsLetters tools.
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Website analytics

The essential element in website analytics is the choice of tools. Google Analytics products, broadly known in the markets, are not part of our toolkit. We primarily offer local measurability through the following tools: Matomo and Piwik Pro.

Further information at the website.

You can also easily get Matomo as part of our Hosting services by activating the analytics through our online services.

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Tailored solutions

Do you have a register or portal with outdated technology, or which is impossibly difficult to use? Sell the business to us, agree on a tailored solution for development, and produce additional value or a service with a monthly fee for your customers going forward.

Few people nowadays want to use up their own resources or time to create portal websites required for customers. Many of us, however, have some kind of service platform.

What if this were a tailored service with a monthly fee, for which you can directly calculate your ROI (return on investment)?